Reinventar as Bibliotecas

Interessante artigo de Thomas Frey sobre o futuro das Bibliotecas

Reinventing Libraries

Ten years ago, many of the tech elite were predicting the demise of the public library. Little did they understand that libraries are living, breathing organisms. Much like plants that flourish with good dirt, water and sunshine, libraries have begun to thrive in our information-rich environment. Libraries are going through an age of rebirth, with cities investing heavily in their central libraries as the crown jewel of their community. Opulent multi-story glass buildings have been erected, attracting many new categories of library users. But the question remains – Where do libraries go from here?

Once a central part of all libraries, books are now playing a diminishing role. Electronic book readers such as the Amazon Kindle are growing in popularity among the avid reader crowd, and with prices already plummeting, it will soon be cheaper for libraries to loan book readers instead of books. Many libraries in the future will no longer have traditional books in them.

The declining importance of “ink-on-paper” books creates many exciting new opportunities for the evolution of next generation libraries. What will they look like? What kind of tools and capabilities can be added? How will future libraries fit into the lives of the people they serve?  The canvas has been stretched, but the masterpiece is yet to be created.

This talk takes a probing look at the possibilities. The presentation can be tailored to either community or academic libraries and is focused on ways for libraries to expand their influence among their constituency. The perfect complement to long range planning, strategic visioning, library development, facility modeling, and architectural design efforts.


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